Tied Vote

On considering Amendment No 2 [Scriven–1]— to the Disability Inclusion Bill 2018:

The committee divided on the new clause:

Ayes 10

Noes 10

Majority 0


Bourke, E.S. Franks, T.A. Hanson, J.E.
Hunter, I.K. Maher, K.J. Ngo, T.T.
Parnell, M.C. Pnevmatikos, I. Scriven, C.M. (teller)
Wortley, R.P.


Darley, J.A. Dawkins, J.S.L. Hood, D.G.E.
Lee, J.S. Lensink, J.M.A. (teller) Lucas, R.I.
Pangallo, F. Ridgway, D.W. Stephens, T.J.
Wade, S.G.

The CHAIR: There are 10 ayes and there are 10 noes, so in accordance with convention I cast to the noes.

New clause thus negatived.

The Hon. T.A. FRANKS: Point of order: on which convention did you just base your vote, Mr Chair?

The CHAIR: I took advice from the Clerk that, by tradition, and therefore by convention, the Chair of the Committee or President casts for the noes in the case of a tied vote and does not seek to make the majority. That is my understanding; I did take advice from the Clerk, to assure the Hon. Ms Franks.

The Hon. T.A. FRANKS: Second point of order for clarification, Mr Chair: is that based on a presumption that the Chair will then always cast their vote with the noes? Or will the Chair cast their vote with the status quo?

The CHAIR: Effectively with the status quo, and given that this was the introduction of a new amendment, a new clause, that is why I acted in that way. Thank you, the Hon. Ms Franks, for allowing me to clarify.

Clauses 13 to 15 passed.

See full session on Hansard