Automotive Supplier Diversification Program – Supplementary Question (4)

The Hon. A.L. McLACHLAN ( 15:06 ): I have a further supplementary. I should say that I am not making inquiries regarding any specific company or making any assertion regarding those companies. My interest was purely with regard to company accountability. A further supplementary: with those reports, how does the government determine between eligible expenditure of costs of training directly related to new capital items and the ineligible expenditure item of routine training costs?

The Hon. K.J. MAHER (Minister for Manufacturing and Innovation, Minister for Automotive Transformation, Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation) ( 15:06 ): As I said, it will depend upon the exact grant that is given. There are various grants, as many grants as we have there are probably as many variations to grants. The department will have their own processes of looking at those.

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