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3 Aug 2017

Statutes Amendment (National Policing Information Systems and Services) Bill

The Hon. A.L. McLACHLAN (15:55): I rise to speak to the Statutes Amendment (National Policing Information Systems and Services) Bill. I am the lead speaker on behalf of my Liberal colleagues and I indicate that the opposition is supporting the second reading of the bill. The bill is technical in nature and follows from the recent merging of the commonwealth’s CrimTrac system and the Australian Crime Commission. As a result of that merger, we now have a new body, the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission, commonly referred to as the ACIC. The role and functions of the ACIC are underpinned by supporting legislation in each state and territory.

On 1 July 2016, the relevant commonwealth legislation was amended in order to implement the carrying over of CrimTrac’s functions to the ACIC. This included the provision of systems and services relating to national policing information and nationally coordinated criminal history checks. In doing so, Australia’s national criminal intelligence and information capabilities were brought under one body, allowing police, justice agencies and policymakers at all levels of government to adopt a more effective, efficient and evidence-based response to crime.

As a result of the merger, a new intergovernmental agreement between the commonwealth, states and territories exists to reflect the new regime, of which South Australia is a signatory. The government highlighted, when introducing this bill, its continued desire to facilitate the exchange of policing information between jurisdictions, particularly in situations such as terrorism, serious and organised crime and child protection. The bill makes technical and consequential amendments to various South Australian acts in order to enable the continued sharing of such information under the new scheme. I commend the bill to the chamber.

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