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6 Dec 2018

Adjournment Debate

The traditional Adjournment Motion is moved at the end of the last Sitting Day of the Parliamentary Year and allows Members to speak on any matter they see fit. Traditionally, Members use it as an opportunity to reflect on the Parliamentary Year and thank staff for their service.

The PRESIDENT (17:43): Before I put the motion, I thank honourable members for their kind words regarding myself. I join honourable members in their thanks to all the staff. I would particularly like to thank the Clerk, who has given me great assistance in my year as President, and also the Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod, as well as all other staff of the Legislative Council.

As a member of the JPSC, I thank all those other departments within the parliament that make this place work, I also single out catering and, in particular, Hansard and the Library. I thank honourable members for their patience and forbearance and their kind acceptance of my many rulings. You have not protested too much. I especially thank the whips for shouldering most of the organisation of the work of the parliament. I wish every member and our staff a safe and happy Christmas.

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