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7 Aug 2017

SA’s Palestine push on the edge | The Advertiser


A CONTROVERSIAL SA Upper House push from Labor and the Greens that calls for rapid recognition of a Palestinian state could be defeated, amid a last-minute push from a Liberal MP.
SA Labor this year became the first state government to call for Australia to recognise Palestine, using its numbers to pass a motion in the Lower House. It comes amid a push within national Labor to change its platform and soften a longstanding position of strong support for Israel.

Nick Xenophon Team MP John Darley looms as the key swing vote in the SA Upper House, and has told The Advertiser he is considering backing a compromise motion from by Liberal Andrew McLachlan that calls for both sides in the conflict “to resume direct negotiations in good faith”. It also makes Palestinian recognition contingent on an agreed two-state outcome.

Mr Darley said he would make a final decision today, ahead of a possible vote this week. “At this stage, it seems to go a long way to what I’d be looking at (supporting),” he said.

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