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26 Jan 2018

Power to the HACs | Murray Pioneer

POWER TO THE HACs | Celeste Newbery

STATE Liberal spokesperson for health Stephen Wade says the party will give more power to local health advisory councils (HAC) if elected in March.

Mr Wade met with both Renmark Paringa and Berri Barmera HACs during a two day visit to the region earlier this week.

Mr Wade said he discussed how the party’s HAC governance policy would devolve control from Adelaide and give it to the regions.

“The policy will put more decisions back in the hands of the regions,” he said.

“The policy will engage the communities and the health professionals, but also put more power in the hands of each of the local HACs.”

Mr Wade said HACs would be in control of how their money is spent.

“Under our model, they would have much greater autonomy to make decisions and won’t need approval if it doesn’t have an impact on SA Health’s budget,” he said.

“If they do need approval, it will be given at a regional level.

“It’s all about putting decisions closer to the people they impact.”

Mr Wade also met with industry professionals, community members, and was given a tour of the Berri River Docs facility during his visit.

“A whole range of issues have been raised with us,” he said.

“There’s nothing like sitting down with both patients and health professionals actually in the region to see how it works.”

Liberal spokesperson for health Stephen Wade (centre) visited the
Riverland earlier this week and met with industry professionals,
community members and key stakeholders. He is pictured with Local Member for Chaffey Tim Whetstone (left) and Liberal Member
for the Legislative Council Andrew McLachlan. PHOTO: Celeste Newbery

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