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8 Oct 2016

Off the Record | The Advertiser

A politician getting caught on a sex tour would normally be something of a sackable offence. Especially if pictures come to light. But Labor’s Tung Ngo, Liberal Andrew McLachlan and Green Tammy Franks had a good excuse for going on what Ngo described on Twitter this week as a “brothel crawl’’. The dynamic trio were in Sydney as part of their committee work investigating whether prostitution should be decriminalised in South Australia, and helpfully posted some pics.

According to Ngo’s Twitter feed, the three visited six “establishments’’ on Wednesday. There is no word on whether the former Labor MP Craig Thomson was tour guide. They included a bondage joint – ideal for politicians who lack discipline. Ngo seemed especially taken with the line-up of stiletto-heeled shoes at one place.

The fate of the bill itself is still unclear as it is subject to a conscience vote, but history is not kind. Veteran Labor MP Steph Key has made three attempts over the years to pass legislation
to decriminalise prostitution and failed each time.

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