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7 Dec 2018

Motion in Parliament to Acknowledge St John | St John Ambulance Australia

Michael Cornish | Spotlight on St John

Following on from the Motion that was moved in the Legislative Council on the 14 November, a number of speeches were given in the House of Assembly last Wednesday to acknowledge St John’s 135th Anniversary.

I would like to highlight that a number of St John volunteers were acknowledged in these speeches such as Sheila Hayes, Katie Wye, Jenny and Peter Croft, Lyn and Keith Dansie, Raelene Denham, Margaret and Bob Nunn, Gloria Curtis, Hayley Spencer and Aileen Guterres.

It was particularly interesting to note that both Nat Cook MP, Member for Hurtle Vale and Sam Duluk MP, Member for Waite had themselves volunteered as a St John cadet!

I would like to thank Andrew McLachlan MLC, President of the South Australian Legislative Council, for instigating this outstanding acknowledgement of the achievements of St John Ambulance SA and its members

A video will be available sometime next week but in the meantime, click on the links below to access the Hansard Extracts of the speeches:

  • Hon Stephen Wade MLC
  • Sam Duluk MP
  • Fraser Ellis MP
  • Chris Picton MP
  • Nat Cook MP
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