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24 Aug 2016

McLachlan speaks on electoral boundaries re-distribution | The Leader

The Hon Andrew McLachlan MLC, was the guest speaker at the recent Kapunda Liberal Branch August Dinner Meeting held at the North Kapunda Hotel. Mr McLachlan spoke about the latest draft submission for South Australian electoral boundaries re-distribution. A number of metropolitan seats have been altered, with the aim of a fairer distribution of likely voting intentions. This has resulted, in some cases, with a significant shift of electors, and also some changes in electorate names. Mr McLachlan pointed out that over the past two state elections voters had indicated they were keen for a change of government with around 53% choosing to vote for the Liberal Party. Appropriate boundary re-distribution could make this a fairer contest with the opportunity for a result more truly representing voter preference. Said Mr McLachlan, “Having a particular political party governing for too long can challenge the “democratic health” of a state. “It is important that all voters have a turn to be heard and have their priorities considered.” Kapunda will remain in the electorate of Stuart, and continue to be represented by Mr Dan van Hoist Pellekaan MP, who holds the seat for the Liberal Party with a 20% margin. Submissions from all stakeholders are being received by the Electoral Commission and will close on Friday, September 16.

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