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29 Jan 2020

Liberal Party to Nominate Cory Bernardi’s Replacement This Weekend | ABC North and West

Daniel Wills, State Political Editor, News Limited (ABC NORTH & WEST 16.54-17.00)

Graham: Daniel hello […] the Libs will vote … this weekend on a replacement for Cory Bernardi … tell me what you think is going to happen …

Daniel Wills: … we have Andrew McLachlan, the Upper House President, running against Morry Bailes … as the two serious candidates … Andrew McLachlan does have a lot of connections in the State Parliament … and is drawing support from right-wing members of the State Parliament including Dan Cregan … the informed view … is that McLachlan probably has the edge at this stage but no-one is counting their chickens … then once that’s resolved … should Andrew McLachlan end up winning the position … that will open a spot in the State Upper House … and the expectation is Nicola Centofanti … has a mortal lock on that position … and one by one the Riverland is slowly stacking out the South Australian Liberal Party.

Graham: It sure is … thank you.

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