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19 Oct 2022

Kapunda Liberals hear from excellent speakers │Barossa Valley Leader

At its recent Spring Dinner Meeting, members of Kapunda Branch of the Liberal Party were pleased to hear from two informative speakers.

President, Mrs Anne Hornsey introduced Dr Max van Dissel who spoke about the challenges facing GPs in rural areas, including Kapunda.

Dr van Dissel provided some telling statistics on the declining numbers of trained doctors willing to commit to rural areas.

Currently only 15% of graduates head for country areas to take up General Practice, with many only staying for short tenures. Said Dr van Dissel,"It is becoming obvious that there has to be some serious incentives provided to graduates to encourage them to commit to country areas.

"We have a very serious doctor shortage looming if we don't have some genuine support through government action," he said.

Senator Andrew McLachlan then spoke. He supported Dr van Dissel, agreeing that there had to be some very significant financial incentives to encourage qualified doctors to commit to regional health.

Senator McLachlan alsoreflected on "Life in Opposition" with both the SA and Federal Liberal government losing the last elections.

"The Liberals did not do well in the last elections, but now have an opportunity to re-group and hopefully have an honest look at how they can present to the electorate as a viable government again, with a focus on policies that benefit all Australians.

"Our Leader, Hon Peter Dutton, is a very down-to-earth man.

"He espouses the values in society that we encourage, avoiding extreme leanings to either right or left", said Senator McLachlan.

Senator McLachlan also commented on such issues as, 'The Voice", perceptions of Gender Bias, Youth Participation, and tax policies of all sides of Politics.

Those present were given the opportunity to ask Senator McLachlan questions which enabled everyone to gain a greater understanding of the machinations of government.

Secretary, Ms Susan Shannon was pleased to present Senator McLachlan with a gift, expressing appreciation from the Kapunda Liberal Branch.

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