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26 Jul 2018

Group members were removed from Council when a bill for moratorium on fracking was defeated | ABC Radio Adelaide

Breakfast with Ali Clarke | ABC Radio Adelaide

Members of the Limestone Coast Protection Alliance were removed from the Legislative Council yesterday for interjecting when a bill for a moratorium on fracking was defeated. The Private members’ bill moved by the Greens was opposed by the Government and the Opposition. The Government has imposed a ten-year moratorium in the south east on gas extraction using the fracking method but the move isn’t underpinned by legislation.

Alliance members in the gallery heckled MPs when the Greens bill was defeated, causing the President Andrew McLachlan to object: “Honourable Members there are four Ayes and seventeen Noes, the Noes have it.”

Unidentified Female: [Screams]

President Andrew McLachlan: “Order. Order in the gallery, order in the gallery or you will be excluded from the Chamber.”

Unidentified Female: “[unclear] in your backyard.”

President Andrew McLachlan: “Black Rod, could you make sure they’re escorted out?”

Limestone Coast Protection Alliance’s Angus Rolton says he’s disgusted with the Liberal Government: “The reaction from our members and myself was one of dismay, we were vocal in our dissent of their decision and as a result were asked to leave which we did, in like a rather orderly manner but yeah it was completely disgusting.”

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