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26 Jul 2018

Fury over fracking ban vote | The Advertiser

Adam Langberg | The Advertiser

A GROUP of anti-fracking campaigners from the state’s South-East reacted with fury in Parliament yesterday after the Government refused to legislate its 10-year ban on fracking in the region.

The Government voted against Greens MP Mark Parnell’s Upper House motion to legislate the ban, after taking the policy to the state election.

Energy Minister Dan van Holst Pellekaan said legislating the 10-year moratorium was “unnecessary” because it was already in place.

“There is no fracking and will be no fracking in the South-East during the next decade while a Marshall Government is in office,” he said.

Mr Parnell said he was “disappointed” the Government had refused to support his motion. “They know the most secure way to achieve that (a ban) is through legislation,” Mr Parnell said.

“Without legislation, it could easily be undone with a change of Liberal leadership or a change of government.”

A group from the South East, who travelled to Adelaide for the debate, was removed from the Upper House after voicing their disapproval at the result of the vote.

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