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4 May 2018

First day of Parliament | ABC Radio Adelaide

The Spin Cycle | ABC Radio Adelaide

Parliament was back yesterday and Ali is not a big fan of Vincent Tarzia’s acting. He’s not going to win the Laurence Olivier award, is he?

Novak: I actually thought it was kind of good how he sort of like dodged around at the back … “Ooh, they’re coming to get me” … there’s Steven Marshall pointing at him as they stalked him down. It looked kind of like menacing with the two leaders in their suits …

Harmsen: Someone spare me from this cushy job with the almighty pay rise, please.

Bevan: Okay, for people who didn’t see the TV news last night, explain to us what was going on?

Harmsen: Well it is tradition that the Speaker does not want to be dragged to the chair … I think it dates back to the Parliament in Westminster … I think if, you know, something went wrong-

Smithson: The Speaker gets beheaded, doesn’t he?

Harmsen: The Speaker gets beheaded … if the Queen or the King isn’t particularly happy with the Parliament.

Smithson: And given his performance yesterday, perhaps that’s coming.

Harmsen: I thought he did a pretty good job of acting …

Smithson: … Vincent has a, fancies himself as a bit of an actor … it’s all part of the tradition …

Smithson: That’s right … but Parliament can be so boring and so traditional and ceremonial on day one, I think that is a tradition that should stay because it really tests them out … are you an actor or are you just a politician.

Clarke: There’s a difference?

Novak: It was interesting to see Vincent Tarzia when they have the joint sitting of the House to officially open it and you have the Governor giving the speech about what’s to come in the next four years. You have the Speaker and the President both there and if we’re talking about ceremony, that’s where it really came out. You had the new President Andrew McLachlan in the wig with the gloves and the frilly shirt down the front … if you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favour, Google it, and then Vincent came in, in the slightly more demure, almost velvety type cape, black number.

Clarke: For some reason I’m just thinking Frozen …

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