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9 Mar 2022

Bushfire work continues │ Mount Barker Courier


The restoration of a walking trail which provides residents with a safe way to get to the Harrogate Cemetery is among several projects funded in the Hills through the Bushfire Recovery Grants Program.

Funding has also been put towards clearing out burnt trees and then using them to create seating at the local playground, ensuring the trees always have a use even after they have been removed.

A total of $135,100 was provided for the Harrogate Hall community connections and landscaping project by the Federal Government in the latest round of the Government's Black Summer Bushfire Recovery grants.

A further $440,000 was invested in the Mt Barker Council's Cudlee Creek fire road safety recovery project, which involved clearing dangerous trees and remediating roads.

SA Senator Andrew McLachlan said it was "fantastic" to see how the Mt Barker Council had spent the Federal grant money to enrich the community and allow the environment to recover and thrive.

"The money has gone to taking down dangerous trees and improving road safety, some funds have been used for playgrounds and community facilities — in particular a walking trail connecting the town centre to the cemetery," he said.

"Now there's more and more people visiting the cemetery ... the walking trail makes it a lot safer for the community to do that, if it wasn't there they would have to walk on the road to access it.

"The walking trail allows families to enjoy a stroll with safety."

Mt Barker Mayor Ann Ferguson said the community was "living for today" after surviving the bushfires.

"They have really valued the input from the Federal, State and local Government ... creating a safe walking space creates a loop which has been such a benefit for the community," she said.

"They can walk this trail and know they don't need to walk on the road ... the Senator is speaking with the community and he will be able to take their feedback back to the Federal Government."

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