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22 Sep 2016

Bill on the redevelopment of the Festival Plaza passes the Upper House | Breakfast Radio

A bill on the redevelopment of the Festival Plaza passes the Upper House. State Liberal MP Andrew McLachlan says he fears the redevelopment of the Festival Plaza will end up becoming a symbol of greed. However, Mr McLachlan still supported the latest legislation to do with the project that passed the Upper House last night. The bill gives the Government control over the site while a new office tower, retail precinct and casino expansion are built. Mr McLachlan says while the Opposition supports the bill he has serious reservations about the development, especially when it comes to the office tower and its impact on parklands:
(891ABC 6am/7.45am & 639ABC 6am/7.45am) “The continued alienation of the parklands is of great concern to me. In essence we are stealing an asset held in trust for all the people, stealing from the future generations. It’s a breach of trust.”
(891ABC 7am & 639ABC 7am) “I feel the project is ill-conceived and will be a symbol of the Government’s contempt for its own people and its addiction to secrecy. It is not lost on me that we will end up with a commercial building towering over the house of the people. The tower will be an edifice symbolising greed at the expense of the people’s own lands.”

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