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1 Dec 2019

AMOSA Visit to Parliament House | The Exhibitor

Major Christopher Roe | The Exhibitor

On 18 September it was time for another Museum Field Day; an activity where we arrange for a visit by our volunteers to interesting attractions and like-minded organisations around the city.

Andrew addressing Museum staff in the Red chamber of Parliament House

Andrew addressing Museum staff in the Red chamber of Parliament House.

On this occasion we visited the South Australian Parliament at the invitation of the Honorable Andrew McLachlan, CSC, the President of the Legislative Assembly; the upper house within the parliament. Andrew is a long-time supporter of the Museum and, earlier in the year, attended and spoke at the rededication of the Private Weir cross, here in the galleries of The Army Museum of South Australia. He extended an invitation to us to visit the Parliament for morning tea and a guided tour, which we were keen to accept.

Viewing artifacts in the Parliamentary Library.

Some forty or so volunteers and military staff caught the bus in to the city for the tour. After a fine morning tea Andrew gave us an excellent and informative tour of both chambers of the parliament and we also received a most enthusiastic brief from the Parliamentary Librarian, who is responsible for a fascinating and diverse collection. Quite apart from the fact that it was something different to our usual Wednesday duties this was a most enjoyable activity and many of us will now view parliamentary footage on television with a rather different perspective, having sat in those plush chairs themselves. Andrew McLachlan also presented the Museum with a South Australian State Flag which flew over Parliament House earlier in the year. We extend our thanks to those who facilitated the visit, in particular Andrew McLachlan and his staff members Zachariah and Charlotte, and to all of those Museum volunteers who attended and, I think, greatly enjoyed this opportunity.

Our tour group with Andrew in the Red Chamber.

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