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9 May 2022

$9.5 million to protect Kingston and Mayo from future floods │ Media Release

The Coalition Government is investing more than $9.5 million to upgrade the Mount Bold Dam, preparing and protecting Kingston and Mayo communities from future devastating flood events.

“The recent floods along Australia’s eastern seaboard have once again demonstrated the devastation that can be wrought by major floods in this country,” Senator for South Australia Andrew McLachlan said.

“That’s why we are continuing to make significant investments to protect communities, individuals and businesses from disasters in an increasingly complex natural hazard environment.

“In 2016, parts of Old Noarlunga were flooded twice in a matter of months, with residents having since reported that in order to include flood protection, their insurance premiums increased by up to 600 per cent.

“This funding will support increasing the level of flood attenuation provided, while Mount Bold Dam is being upgraded ,to safely pass the probable maximum flood over the dam’s spillways, without causing it to fail.”

The latest National Flood Mitigation Infrastructure projects are funded from the Emergency Response Fund, with 15 projects worth $50 million. These projects are in addition to the 22 projects announced in May 2021 under round 1 of the Program.

Minister for Emergency Management and National Recovery and Resilience, Bridget McKenzie said we are continuing to invest wisely in the long-term resilience of our country to mitigate against future disasters.

“Investments in mitigation, like this $50 million program, build confidence in our communities that they will be better prepared to withstand future events. Such community resilience is absolutely key to recovery,” Minister McKenzie said.

“The Coalition Government has now committed a total of $100 million to flood mitigation infrastructure – that is 37 unique projects – to build our resilience to future floods.”

Liberal candidate for Kingston, Kathleen Bourne, said the funding was a huge boost for Kingston residents.

“These upgrades provide an extra level of protection for the Old Noarlunga community in relation to any future flood events in the lower Onkaparinga river system,” Ms Bourne said.

“I am delighted that the Coalition Government has provided this funding for a practical project that protects the livelihoods of residents in the Kingston electorate.”

Liberal candidate for Mayo Allison Bluck echoed Ms Bourne’s sentiments.

“Mount Bold Dam holds South Australia’s largest reservoir, and it is vital that this piece of infrastructure is maintained to maximum standards,” Ms Bluck said.

“The dam and reservoir are essential to communities in Mayo and this $9.5 million investment highlights the Coalition Government’s commitment to deliver on what is important in our regions.”

This funding is made possible through the Government’s $4 billion Emergency Response Fund, established in December 2019. Under the legislation, a $50 million is available each year to assist communities to build resilience and prepare for natural disasters.

This National Flood Mitigation Infrastructure Program funding is in addition to the $150 million from the Emergency Response Fund announced on 18 March 2022 to support further recovery and post-disaster resilience activities in flood affected areas in NSW and Queensland.

Through the National Flood Mitigation Infrastructure program and Preparing Australian Communities Program, South Australia alone has recently received $46 million for a variety of essential projects.

Only the Morrison Government can be trusted to keep the economy strong and secure a stronger future for South Australia.

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