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21 Nov 2023

DPR Speaker seeks MIKTA support for humanitarian aid │ANTARA Indonesian News Agency

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR) Speaker Puan Maharani held separate bilateral meetings with parliamentary leaders of MIKTA in Jakarta on Monday during which she invited them to tackle the humanitarian crises in Gaza, Ukraine, and other regions.

MIKTA is a grouping of Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea, Turkey, and Australia.

"MIKTA must become a positive and constructive force for resolving various global and regional problems," she stated in Jakarta.

She emphasized that tackling global conflicts is a joint responsibility of countries in the world.

"The fate of the world should not be determined by a few countries," Maharani underlined.

She also invited all MIKTA parliaments to continue inter-parliamentary relations through various collaborations, including visits between leaders and members of parliament, as well as efforts to support each other in international parliamentary forums.

"I believe that if inter-parliamentary cooperation continues to develop, Indonesia's bilateral relations with other MIKTA member countries will also become stronger," she affirmed.

She emphasized the need to improve relations between communities of MIKTA member countries in order to strengthen relations between member countries, such as through cooperation in the tourism sector.

At the bilateral meeting with Speaker of the South Korean National Assembly, Kim Jin-pyo, Maharani expressed hope that Indonesian migrant workers would get more opportunities to work in South Korea.

Meanwhile, at the bilateral meeting with Deputy President of the Senate of Australia, Andrew McLachlan, she invited Australia to invest in the development of Indonesia's new capital city Nusantara, considering Australia's position as Indonesia's important economic partner.

"I hope that, going forward, cooperation in trade and investment will be carried out on the basis of equality and mutual benefit," Maharani stated.

At the bilateral meetings with each MIKTA parliamentary leader, she was accompanied by members of the Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation Agency (BKSAP) of DPR, Irine Yusiana Roba Putri and Vanda Sarundajang.

Putri noted that during the meeting between Maharani and McLachlan, the Australian parliament welcomed Maharani's invitation regarding investment in Nusantara.

It was said that Australian businesspersons will be investing in Nusantara's development after founder and CEO of One Global Capital, Iwan Sunito, expressed his interest in investing in the new capital.

Putri stated that at the meeting with the Turkish parliamentary leader, Turkey supported Maharani's statement on the importance of concrete action in supporting peace in Palestine.

"During a meeting with the Turkish parliamentary delegation, they agreed on the importance of middle power countries voicing a ceasefire, so that there would be no more civilian victims in Palestine. Turkey wants to maximize its position as the closest access to Gaza," she affirmed.

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